The Resource Access Card (RAC)

A new way to follow participants in activities.

Resource Access Card

The Delmarva Foundation needed to quickly develop a field data capture application. Delmarva Foundation helps new patients receive healthcare and hosts community events promoting healthier lifestyles, healthcare screenings, and other non-profit initiatives. The hired The Studio to come in, gather requirements, and develop a field data collection application that uses cloud storage in record time.
Resource Access Card

Automated Field Data Capture

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The Resource Access Card (RAC) is a new way to follow participants in activities. The RAC allows community project organizers to record who did what and when with one blink of the tablet. The tool has been used in senior center programming as well as a widespread community intervention. The RAC provides an easy approach to defining utilization of services for needed population health statistics.

Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care has developed the RAC to meet the data needs of community-based organizations. The tablet format makes monitoring population engagement quickly and easily. A simple program allows the user to develop a unique activities program. Each participant has their own card with a bar code that creates the data trail necessary for program description and assessment.

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