First Tech Session at Morgan State University

Our first cohort, L-to-R. Richard of Buie, Victoria Taiwo, Jamie Welch, Will Mapp, Ryan Mete, Rodney Porter, Brandon Harris.

Our first blog post is about our first tech session held at Morgan State on July 14th.  We’ve made a commitment to partner with Morgan State’s Entrepreneurial Development and Assistance Center (EDAC) to host a free technology session each month for the remaining months of 2015.

We had an enthusiastic cohort for our first session.  We had one preteen, a few college students, student interns, educators, and a pro thinking about a career change.
Everyone, except Victoria with Kenny Nance added in.

Everyone, except Victoria with Kenny Nance added in.

Our first tech session focused on the fundamentals of computing. We shared a history of computer technology, an introduction to binary numbers, fundamental programming concepts and basic object-oriented programming and design.  The session wasn’t all theoretical though, everyone who brought their Android or iOS device got a chance to program and code using the templates we provided.  Furthermore, they could actually run the programs they modified on their own devices.

We are looking forward to our next session in August.  If you want to come out, please check back on our site for dates and times.

We are sharing all of the slides and example programs with the world.  Click any of the following links to download the materials.

Talk to you soon.


For the Benefit of All Mankind.

Download This Tech Session’s Presentation Slides

Free Source Code

HelloWorld for iOS – Demonstrates how to programmatically display text to the screen. Everyone should write at least one ‘HelloWorld’ app in their lifetime.

HelloWorld for Android

QuickCalc for iOS – A very basic and super simple calculator app. Demonstrates application organization, user interface design, basic event handling, and algorithmic programming using basic mathematical concepts. The cohort updated this application by adding a new math operation button to the calculator.

QuickCalc for Android

WikiSearch for iOS – A very simple search application using Google’s custom search API. Demonstrates basic web services, downloading content from the Internet, displaying a web page inline with an application, and basic JSON object usage.


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